Franz Kafka Spital

Are you healthy? Come rest in a hospital where Franz Kafka could have worked. This adventure stay is designed for all who want to experience something out of the ordinary. It stands in the center of Brno in a palace protected as a monument. An insurance agency also resided here once, in whose Prague headquarters Franz Kafka worked. He knew his Brno colleagues and towards the end of his life, he desired to move to the Moravian metropolis. The communists had the Secession palace transformed into a hospital. Having remained unused over the past 20 years, we turned it into
a lodging facility for all those who love a good adventure and are in search of the past. Franz Kafka Hospital is the only place where those caring for people’s health in hospital beds are themselves not well, to whom the proceeds of our enterprising go. Franz Kafka Hospital is located in the heart of the city near all important points in Brno.