May this place never serve its original purpose.

And may it remain vibrant with the sounds of good jazz.

Hugo Marom
In 1946 to 1948, it was home to a successful wholesale winery named Löwy and Šmíd, but the Communists confiscated from its owners just two days after their February putsch.

Inside this nuclear fallout shelter, resistant to weapons of mass destruction, a total of 500 people could be housed for three days. Under Czech army control until 1993, it had been classified top secret.

The code name of the most highly classified nuclear fallout shelter in Brno from the Communist era (1959) to protect the city's and region's political representatives. It had been built during the Nazi occupation as a civil defense (Luftschutz) shelter from American and Soviet bombardment of Brno. Access to 10-Z is being prepared by the public service company AMERFO. The main idea behind the project is to create from this originally military area a place of meeting, and make it accessible to the public.

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