– students, seniors and persons with disabilities – discount price of CZK 100

– children up to 15 years – CZK 60

Daily except for Mondays 11:30 a.m. – 6:15 p.m. (the exhibition closes at 6:45 p.m.)

There is a map in English and brief history of 10-Z available in foreign languages.




The exhibition inside 10-Z offers a “stroll” through roughly 500 meters of tunnels, which visitors can explore without a guide and at their own pace. At the entrance, they will receive a map of the labyrinth, in which they will learn the stories of people affiliated with the fallout shelter in images and on projectors. On hidden QR codes they will find videos with additional materials, and all areas of 10-Z have Wi-Fi. While touring the exhibit, you will walk through the most interesting parts of the shelter (diesel generator, filtration room, PBX telephone switchboard), and you will see the Polášek tables from the New Town Hall, which were forgotten in the shelter and which are perhaps the rarest piece of furniture here affiliated with the history of the city of Brno. The exhibition includes the door from the “cell of death” of the former Regional Prison at Cejl in Brno, where persons sentenced to death during WWII and Stalinism carved out their messages before facing capital punishment.

Starting in autumn of 2016, audiovisual technology will also be installed featuring special exhibits affiliated with the city and the region. This will not only concern the topics affiliated with the history of 10-Z; we are preparing five different audiovisual projects.

If this does not suffice and you want to explore this nuclear fallout shelter from top to bottom in a small group with a guide, consider taking part in a guided excursion.